Let ShesUs Do Everything

While You Run Your Business From Anywhere

ShesUs was built with the clients, both yours and ours, in mind. From the onboarding, knowledge and appreciation of experience with our clients to your client communications, transitioning and handling of the most important aspects of your clients life. Let us help you grow your business by handling the most tedious and impactful parts of your business, the clients.

Start Growing Your Business Now

Are you ready to scale your business to the next level?Let us provide you with the strategy, systems, and full-service team you need to run a successful credit repair business. we offer a complete back-office disputing service, which allows you more time to expand & grow your business. Our unique methods are a combination of factual and compliance disputing. We update files every 35-40 days with new clients processed within 48 hours.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

At ShesUs, we offer our services on your behalf.

The customer is NEVER aware that they have heard from us!

We serve as your covert back office, handling all the client portal questions, processing, shipping and updating so you can concentrate on what you do best and earn more money.

ShesUs Bronze Standard

Do It Yourself - Metro 2 Compliance:

We will generate your metro2 letters and send them to you. This leaves you in full systematic control over your credit repair business without any of the work. We will email you a copy of your letters each month for each client for you to print and mail.

  • We challenge your client’s reports using Metro 2 compliance with Transunion, Experian, and Equifax.

  • We email these letters back to you so you can print, mail and update your client your way.

ShesUs Silver Standard

  • Dedicated Account Manager (One person handles all of your clients and is available to answer any questions submitted by your clients in regard to their credit)

Done For You - Consumer Law / Factual / Metro2 Compliance

  • We use Consumer Law, Factual Disputing, and Metro 2 Compliance To Achieve To Desired Outcome For Your Clients

  • We dispute with the top three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion)

  • Escalated disputes: Proper use of FCRA, FCBA, FDCPA and FACTA (handled by our Legal Advocacy Department on your behalf)

  • Includes credit audit or monthly credit report update

  • We will update your client’s portal after every round. We will generate letters, print and mail each round when we reimport your client's scores.

  • Regular scheduled updating of your clients file delivered to your Credit Specialist

ShesUs Gold Standard

Done All In One - Consumer Law / Factual / Metro2 Compliance / Legal Advocacy Division

  • We Dispute With The Credit Bureaus (Experian, Equifax, And Transunion) As Well As The Top 4 Sub Bureaus (Innovis, Credco, Core-logic, And Sage Stream)

  • Consumer Law, Factual Disputing, Metro 2 Compliance, As Well As FTC, CFPB, BBB, Attorney General Complaints, And Utilization of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Utilized To Achieve To Desired Outcome For Your Clients

  • Escalated disputes: Proper use of FCRA, FCBA, FDCPA and FACTA (Handled By Our Legal Advocacy Division On Your Behalf, At No Extra Cost To You)

  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions (LNRS) Disputes

  • Chex Systems Disputes: Assist In Bank Related Account(s)

  • We Will Send Debt Validation’s & Cease & Desists

  • We Will Send Creditor Disputes i.e. Goodwill Deletions, Repossessions, Charge-offs, And More

  • Student Loan Consolidation Assistance

  • Includes Credit Audit Or Monthly Credit Report Update

  • We will generate letters, print, mail, fax, and electronically upload when applicable.

  • Dedicated Account Manager (One Person Handles All Of Your Clients And Is Available To Answer Any Questions Submitted By Your Clients In Regard To Their Credit)

  • Regular scheduled updating of your clients file delivered to your Credit Specialist

Hey Don't Take Our Words For It Hear From Our Clients!

"Shesus Has Taken My Business To The Next Level! The Credit Repair Industry Can Be So Difficult And Time Consuming. Trying To Keep Up With The Ever Changing Laws That Affect Consumers, To The Time It Takes To Process And Keep Up With Each Client On A Monthly Basis. I Have So Much More Time Back On My Hands To Focus On Expanding My Business. I Went From Working IN My Business, To Working ON My Business, Thanks To Shesus!"

- Jessica McKirk

Run Your Business On The Go

Most Of Your Competitors Are Offering Letter-Writing Services That Send 3 Letters To Credit Bureaus Every 35 To 40 Days For A Monthly Fee But Don't Offer Any Customer Service Or Help.

Lack Of Customer Service Support Will Take Up A Lot Of Your Time And Money And Slow Your Growth.

Some Competitors Let You Dispute Directly With The Credit Reporting Companies For An Extra Fee, But You Have To Manage The Accounts Every Month. Other Competitors Don't Let You Dispute Directly With The Credit Reporting Companies.

The Least Expensive Part Of Working On A File Is Making Dispute Letters.

Most Of What It Costs To Serve A Client Is The Time It Takes To Do The Work. Providing Premium Service Means Answering Client Phone Calls, Following Up, Receiving And Processing Documents, Making Custom Letters, And Keeping Clients Happy.

Dedicated Account Manager

Many Companies That Help People Fix Their Credit Through Outsourcing Don't Realize How Important Client Responses Are To The Success Of The Credit Dispute Process. Our Competitors Send Out Template Letters That Aren't Personalized And Hope They Work. This Isn'tProfessional And Isn't In The Best Interest Of Your Client.

ShesUs Actively Looks For Answers From Clients, Which Saves You Time And Work.

Responses Are Important For Keeping Clients Because They Show Success, The End Of A Program And Important Information That Can Be Used To Tailor The Strategy And Outbound Letters.

The One-Stop-Shop For Running Your Business.

We Try To Make The Process Go As Seamlessly As Possible, And Our Staff Will Handle The Whole Credit Repair Dispute Program For You And Your Clients. We Take Care Of The Accounts, Write Custom Letters Of Dispute, Print And Mail Them On Behalf Of Your Client. Postage For The First Class Always Comes With It.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Dispute Method Do You Use?

Our Field Tested, Ground Breaking Unique Dispute Strategy Is Producing The Most Deletions In The Shortest Amount Of Time That We Have Ever Seen Over The Last 10 Years Of Disputing.

It Includes A Combination Of Metro 2 Challenges And Factual Disputes To The CRAs AND Data Furnishers.

Factual Disputes Are Highly Effective At Removing Unverifiable And Inaccurate Items While Metro 2 Challenges Question The Entire Right To Report An Account.

When Combined, this 1-2 Punch Produces Significantly More Deletions In a Shorter Amount Of Time!

No Sweeps! We Do NOT Dispute 'Not Mine" or "Identity Theft". Unless It Is TRUE And A Police Report And Identity Theft Affidavit Is Provided For The Client.

How Do I Know How Many Credits I Have And Keep Track Of Them?

When You Enroll, We Are Going To Give You Access To Your Credits Tracker Inside Your Outsourcing Portal Where You Will Be aBle To Keep Track Of Your Credits In Real Time.

Any Time You Purchase Credits, We Will Add Credits To Your Account.

Any Time We Process A Client, We Will Subtract A Credit And Add Their Name And Date To The Document.

This Way You Will Always Know How Many Credits You Have And How They Are Being Used.

How Much Does It Cost?

We Work On A "Credits" System. You Will Purchase Credits From Us And Anytime We Process A Round Of Disputes For A Client, 1 Credit Will Be Used.

The Price You Pay Per Credit Is Based On How Many Credits You Buy At A Time. The More You Buy, The Cheaper You Can Get Them For. Here's The Breakdown:

1-49 Credits =

50-99 Credits =

100-249 Credits =

250+ Credits =


There is a $100/month subscription that will be set up on autopay for the $15th of every month to keep your account active. With every subscription payment you will automatically have 5 credits added to your account.

Do You Send Letters Via Certified Mail

Yes! If You Have Any Clients That You'd Like For Us to Send Their Letters Via Certified Mail, All You Have To Do Is Leave Us A Note In The Client's Profile And Our Team Will Make Sure That Their Letters Are Sent Via Certified Mail.

Certified Mail Costs 1 Credit + 1 Certified Credit To The Credit Bureaus.

1 Credit + 1 Certified Credit = Certified Mail Sent To All 3 Credit Bureaus.

1/3 Of A Certified Credit Covers Certified Mail Directly To A Single Furnisher.

Do You Mail The Letters?

Yes! All You Have To Do Is Input Your client Inside Your Software With Their Profile Completed, Documents Uploaded, And Credit Monitoring Login Information. We Do The Rest!

We Will Load The Negative Items Into The Software, Create The Dispute Letters, Print Them, Stuff Them, Mail Them, And Update The Results In The Client's Dashboard At The End Of Every Round.

What Credit Repair Software Will You Work With?

We Will Work With Whatever Software You Use. From Credit Repair Cloud To Client Dispute Manager, Dispute Fox, Credit Admins, WhiteLabel CRO, DisCo, DisputeSuite, You Name It, We Are Familiar With Them All!

How Do I Submit A Client For Processing?

Very Easily!

We Are Going To Give You Access To Your Very Own Outsourcing Portal!

All You Will Have To Do Is Simply "Tag" The Client Ready For Processing" And We Will Make Sure The Client Gets Processed Within 1 Business Day.

What Items Do You Dispute?

We Will Dispute Every Single Derogatory Item That Shows Up On Your Client's Credit Reports With Experian, TransUnion, And Equifax.

Inquiries, Late Payments, Charge-Offs, Collections, Repossessions, Foreclosures, Short Sales, Bankruptcies, Student Loans, Child Support, Tax Liens and Evictions And More.

Do You Dispute Directly With Creditors/Collectors?

Yes, However, Only Upon Your Request.

Our Standard Process Will Always Be To Dispute With The 3 Credit Bureaus Only.

If You Would Like To Dispute Directly With The Creditors/Collectors, Simply Leave Us A Note Inside The Client's Profile And We Will Make Sure To Dispute With Them As Well.

What Am I Responsible For?

Enrolling onboarding the client, and communicating with us when to process and/or cancel your client. We make this process as simple as possible for you. When you enroll a client, it is your responsibility to onboard them. Gather their personal information, 2 forms of ID, and credit monitoring information. Once the client is 100% ready to go for processing, email us. Once you send the client for processing, we will manage their processing dates for you.

All client communication is YOUR responsibility. Diamond Outsourcing does NOT communicate directly with your clients in any way, shape, or form. **Note – Identification documents are at the discretion of the credit Bureaus and not Diamond Outsourcing.

How Much Does Your Customer Service Division Cost?

$135/month plus:

10 clients = $15 per client.

100+ clients = $10 per client.

If you have less than 10 clients, we can still handle your customer service for you.

However, you will still be billed for our 10 client minimum pricing.

The $135/month includes access our all in one automation software that will ensure and provide the best customer service experience for your customers with:

How Does Your Customer Service Division Work?

When We Are Handling Your Customer Service, We Are Going To Answer Every Single Inbound Call That Comes Into Your Company And We Will Make Monthly Outbound Calls To All Of Your Clients To Give Them An Update On Their Program.

You Will Be Assigned A Dedicated Phone Number For Your Company For ShesUs Outsourcing to Use to Communicate With Your Clients.

All You Will Have To Do Is Forward The Calls From Your Current Number Over To The Number We Are Purchasing For You So That It Will Ring Us Directly

We Will Handle All Communication Received From Your Customers Via Emails And Messages.

We Will Handle Any Credit Monitoring Issues That Your Clients May Have Like Username And Password Issues, etc...

Results Are Our Top Priority

Our Clients Average More Account Removals Than Any Credit Repair Company In The Business

Couple That With Our Commitment To Optimizing Every Factor In The FICO Score

Algorithm, Shesus Outsourcing Not Only Meets But Exceeds Our Client’s Expectations.

Average Removals Per Client

After 3 Months = 12.9 Removals

After 6 Months = 23.4 Removals

After 9 Months = 42.1 Removals

After 12 Months = 68.6 Removals

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